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Wellness i Fitness

Is applied on the basis of specific chronology of particular positions organized in the directions of lymfatic ways.
Massage is applied always on the route to the center of blood circulation-the heart. Application typifies locating of particular part of the body on the spinning element, afterward is the blood congestion achieved according to the local massage effect during defined time lenght.
The period of application is individually appointed.
It depends of fat reserve, type of shape, weight or possible contraindications.
It is recommended from 30 to 60 minutes 2 or 3 times a week.

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Vibration platform Vibro Boost

Wellness i Fitness

The Vibro Boost works in a similar way to weight/resistance training and is called Vibration Training. The Vibro Boost generates vibrations from the platform to the body, which makes the muscles contract and expand approximately 30 times per second, depending on the speed it is on.
It increase blood circulation and metabolism at a much faster rate than conventional training.

Research has shown that Vibration Traning helps people increase their strength, energy levels, bone mass density and dicrease body fat, cellulite and stress levels.

Vibration training is also great for knee and joint injuires and spinal cord dysfunction.

Benefits from Vibration Training

Vibration training is fitness for busy people and one of the most effective ways to enhance your existing workout.

Vibration training helps to: